Who am i?

HELLO, my name is luca...

…and as you can guess, travel is my biggest passion. I am in love with the natural world and all things outdoors, from mountaineering to kayaking, from open-water swimming to canyoning, from surfing to climbing. I have an academic background in biology, and I am currently completing my PhD in Entomology at the University of Winchester (UK), but I am also a videomaking enthusiast and amateur photographer. 


My core values

  • Be Bold: this website encourages you not to conform to the tourist masses, but to be bold, step off the beaten path and travel the places less travelled. We also celebrate a slower style of travelling. One that does not aim at ticking places off a map, but at fully immersing ourselves in the places we explore, in order to fully embrace the culture, and appreciate every moment of our journey.
  • Sustainability: it is our duty as travellers to adopt an environmental-friendly lifestyle when travelling. This website promotes practices that reduce greenhouse emissions, re-usable products to reduce our waste production, and dietary choices that reduce our carbon footprint. This website does not promote animal exploitation and wildlife disruption, but encourages ways to enjoy the natural world responsibly.
  • Social ethics: no form of sexism, racism, homophobia or transphobia will be tolerated on this website. I also believe it is important we adopt these ethical values when travelling, by respecting the local populations, their folklore and their traditions. We are one planet.



Canadian Rockies

Italian Dolomites

Yosemite Valley


Vancouver (Can)

Stockholm (Swe)

Budapest (Hun)


Modena (Ita)

Ljubljana (Slo)

Brighton (UK)


Prague (Cze)

London (UK)

Los Angeles (USA)